Friday, March 23, 2012

And we're back!

Welcome to the new and improved blog for Rochelle Buroker Cochran, author of Soul Seekers: The Story of Zoey Tallman. Rochelle was a stay at home soccer mom when she had the idea for the novel, her first published work.

The search for a publisher is always a long and difficult road, but fortunately Rochelle persevered and found a home at Punkin House, a small, author- and environment- friendly press in Trumansburg, New York. And finally in 2010, just two years after the idea for her novel came to her, Cochran became a published author.

Soul Seekers tells the story of Zoey Tallman, an ordinary teenager with an ordinary life. Tallman lives with her father, Hunter, and stepmother, Ellen, in an average, boring home. Until, that is, Zoey starts to have visions of an imaginary visitor named Tanner just before her eighteenth birthday. Tanner claims to be from an alternate universe of magic, and Zoey is convinced that she is losing her mind- until her birthday, when it becomes clear that she is not crazy. In the parallel universe where she lands, she no longer ages and has magical powers. However, she learns, there is also an ominous prophesy about her future and her children, promising a dark road ahead for her and her loved ones. Together, Zoey and Tanner must fight to save their magical community from powerful black magic that will stop at nothing to see that the prophesy is fulfilled....

Stay tuned for updates on Rochelle, her fabulous novel, Punkin House Press, and more!

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